Keith Cooper has become the latest casualty of Sepp Blatter’s purge of the sport’s govening body.

Cooper is the second high-profile exit – following General Secretary Michael Zen Ruffinen’s departure – since Blatter was re-elected FIFA president prior to the World Cup,

On his re-election, Blatter stated that he wanted 100 days to re-organise the administration of FIFA and Cooper has become the latest victim of his reforms.

“I have been sacked without a reason being given,” complained Cooper.

“I have known Sepp Blatter for 30 years but was told that I was being dismissed by Urs Linsi, the acting general secretary. ÿ

“No reason was given, which under Swiss law FIFA has the right to do.

“However, this is something of a surprise coming less than two weeks after the end of a World Cup in which the media organisation was regarded as one of the best of its kind.”

Blatter has appointed his personal spokesman, Markus Siegler, as acting head of communications.