Football has reached saturation point, with too many games being played and screened on television, according to FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

“We’re saturated with football – we’re at saturation point right now, especially with regards to television,” Blatter told a press conference at the Sportaccord conference in Madrid.

“We’re seeing an increase in the number of games, at the same time as clubs are getting into financial difficulties.

“This will sort itself out through supply and demand, however.”

Blatter also suggested that the players and the public would benefit if national leagues reduced the number of teams in their top divisions.

“We’ve seen that 16 or 18 is the ideal number – certainly not 20,” Blatter said.

“We need to respect the international calendar and keep the fans in mind.

“Some playersare playing upwards of 65 games a year and that’s not good for their health.

“Football is a magnificent product and we should be protecting it.”