French league president, Frederic Thoiriez, stated today that the future of French football was not looking healthy.

French clubs have been forced to sell their best players to foreign teams inrecent years as as club debts have mounted to almost €200m.

“French football is great but it’s seriously threatened,” warned Thoiriez.

French clubs may be about to receive a huge cash boost as bidding for TV rights continues between TF1 and Canal Plus at an estimated €500m.

Thoiriez placed the blame for the state of French football on the high level of tax clubs have to pay in France compared with other European clubs.

On the international scene, France, the reigning European Champions, were sent crashing out of last year’s World Cup and last night lost2-0 to the Czech Republic.

The clubs have not fared any better on the European front, with all French teams going out of the Champions League in the first group stages.