Fulham’s bid to ground-share with Chelsea looks unlikely to go ahead after the local council said it could take up to six months to overturn a ban on more than one club playing at Stamford Bridge.

In 1999 the London Borough of Hammersmith ruled that Chelsea could rebuild their West Stand providing they agreed to a clause that stipulated only Chelsea could play at the Bridge.

Fulham, who are currently ground sharing with Second Division side Queens Park Rangers will be forced to carry on at Loftus Road until an application is passed by the council.

A spokesperson for the council stated: “If Chelsea want to change or waive the rule, they would need to put in a planning application. We would then consult local residents, a process which could take up to six months.”

Fulham sold their old ground, Cravern Cottage, to housing developers for a reported œ50m and will have to pay œ1m a year to carry on playing at Loftus Road.