Fulham hope to reveal the identity of their new manager before the end of the season.

Present incumbent Jean Tigana was informed that his contract would not be renewed at the end of the season, and he is likely to be told who his successor will be before the last game of the campaign at Charlton on 11 May.

“Ideally, we would like our new manager confirmed by the end of the season,” said Fulham chief executive Bruce Langham.

“Experience of being in charge at the top level in this country or abroad is also important – but it’s possible someone may have other qualities which attract us enough to make that less critical.

“Recognition of the foundations already built here will also be important to us.

“We’re looking for someone willing to work with and enhance what we have rather than change everything.

“We are also looking for someone who can inject passion into the team and who is committed to a style of football similar to the way we play.”

“One of the criteria is for the successful candidate to have the ability to work with the squad we have,” added Langham.

“We’ve had lots of names suggested to us, either directly or indirectly, and have been impressed with some ofthe people who have been put forward.”