Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso has denied that harbours a desiure to join Manchester United in the near future.

The Italian was interviewed ahead of Milan’s Cham pions League clash with United on Tuesday, but he cliams his remarks – given to the The Mail on Sunday – were taken out of context..

“I haven’t said I want to go to Manchester,” Gattuso told Telelombardia.

“I said that English football fascinates me, but I haven’t any intention to leave.

“I’ve only spoken about the possibility of leaving, when Milan decide they don’t want me. But while they want me, I’ll surely stay.

“I don’t see why I’d have to leave the team that allowed me to become a big player and to win many things.

“The journalist asked me a question saying that [Roy] Keane is set to hang up his boots and that the coach [Sir Alex Ferguson] appreciated me,” he added.

“I told him that I was flattered by this, but surely I have never said I want to leave Milan. I’ve never said even a similar thing.”