OFI Crete manager Gennaro Gattuso appeared to lose the plot in front of the Greek press on Saturday after his side beat Atromitos 1-0 to move into sixth place in the top flight.

The 36-year-old Italian, who spent much of his career with Milan and earned a number of nicknames along the way including Rhino, the Growl and Braveheart became coach of the Greek side in the summer.

Prior to Saturday’s win, OFI had lost two of their three opening matches, and those results had seen two national newspapers claim Gattuso was set to walk out on the club just weeks after having arrived.

On Saturday Gattuso snapped back in a typically combative fashion 15 that was delivered almost entirely in English.

“‘OFI is not Real Madrid, is not Barcelona. It’s a small team with many problems. I want my players to play with balls, with heart….It’s too easy for me to leave! Me stay here!… I don’t home and cry because we don’t have money!” he blasted.

“Many teams in Europe have no money. I don’t have the excuse that the players don’t play with us because we don’t pay salary. F**k off! This is not true!”