Malcolm Glazer is set to delist Manchester United from the Stock Market at close of trading, ending 14 years of trading in the club’s shares.

Glazer’s 97.3 percent stake in United gives him total control. He currently ownsd 97.3 percent of the club, 0.3 percent short of the figure he would require to enable him to launch a compulsory purchase of the remaining shares.

Once that occurs, Glazer will be in a position to makie the chaanges he believes are necessary to increase profits at the club.

Glazer has reportedly demanded that United raise ticket prices by 54 percent to finance his takeover.

According to the The Times newspaper, plans exists to increase United’s revenues from £161.5m this year to £246 in 2010.

The improved turnover would be funded from three areas – a 61 percent increase in match day sales, a 13 percent rise in media sales, and 76 percent increase in sales of merchandise and other commercial activities.