Gabriel Batistuta believes his side’s win over Nigeria has provided the perfect platform for Argentina to progress in the tournament.

“We have made our first step and now we have six left to reach what we want to achieve,’ said Batistuta.

‘We played well and Nigeria didn’t worry us but the most important thing is that we won our first game.

“I would love to get the chance play against the English. But the match isn’t anything special for us like everyone is saying. All we are thinking about is winning and advancing to the next round.”

“Batitusta was great today,” said Juan Sebastian Veron, whose cross set up Batistuta’s goal.

“It was very important wewon. We are in a tough group and we still have a lot to do. Next is England and it should be a classic match,” added the Manchester United midfielder.

Argentinian coach Marcelo Bielsa was relieved to see the ball hit the back of the net after becoming frustrated at his side’s poor finishing in front of goal.

“I was concerned about the lost opportunities,” explained Bielsa.

“It should have been a bigger victory, it would have been justified and we would feel more comfortable. But we have passed the first significant test.”

For Nigeria, captain Jay Jay Okocha believed his side had much to be proud of, despite losing the match. “Against this team I don’t think we could have done anybetter. We have a new team and it was our first major match,” said the Nigerian captain.

“We are keeping ourheads high, knowing what potential we have. We will give our all in the next match against Sweden even though it will be another difficult match.”