Granada winger Dani Benitez has allegedly tested positive for cocaine.

Benitez, 26, is reported by Marca to have failed a drug test after his side’s 1-0 win over Real Betis on February 16, in which he came on as a second-half substitute and was then sent off sent off for a violent challenge within 15 minutes. And now we know why.

Granada president Quique Pina told El Larguero  that he would be asking for the stiffest sentence possible – which in Spain, could mean a two-year ban.

“It is something you could never expect in the world of football, that a player would take cocaine and create a problem like this,” said Pina, clearly unaware of the habits of young men with too much money and too much time on their hands.

“We did not expect this to happen,” Pina added. “I have been very disappointed. We will look for the biggest punishment for a player who does this type of thing.”

Pina, who said he has done as much for Benitez as he has for any player, does not believe the club should face punishment as cocaine was not a performance-enhancing drug.

“It is not a substance to do with doping, as it in no way can help the team perform better,” he said. “[Benitez] is a player who has been with us all the way from Segunda B. When he had problems in his life we have always helped him and been on top of him. He is the person I have helped most in my life.”