Arsenal striker Thierry Henry has requested Fifa step in and force the Spanish Football Federation to take stronger action against national coach Luis Aragones.

Aragones was fined just €3000 earlier this week for describing Henry as a “black shit”.

Aragones claimed he was merely trying to motivate Jose Antonio Reyes by comparing him with his Arsenal team-mate Henry. But the French striker believes that Fifa should intervene and impose a harsher punishment on Aragones.

“Fifa should look at this fine and make it a proper one,” he told The Sun.

“They must also tell the Spanish FA to get real.

“To fine Aragones £2,000 is absolutely ridiculous. You really have to look at the Spanish authorities and they must take a long hard look at themselves.

“They obviously don’t care about racism.

“There have been other times when they have fined clubs a few hundred quid for racism.

“It is laughable. They fined for the sake of it, not because they felt he said something wrong.”