Arsenal’s French striker Thierry Henry says he is fed up being quizzed about a move to Real Madrid and cclaims he is fully committed to the London club.

“The other day, after our Southampton game, I was interviewed by English television about it and I said: ‘I’m bored’,” he told l’Equipe.

“I respect Real, I respect everybody but I’d like people to respect what I’m saying.

“I’m fine here. I have plans, ambitions. I want to stay at Arsenal, I don’t want to go to Real or elsewhere. That’s what I keep saying.”

Earlier this month Real coach Carlos Queiroz admitted that Henry was one of his targets for next season. However, Henry insists he is going nowhere.

“I’m getting worn out with repeating the same thing a hundred times.

‘I have the impression people are not listening, or worse, that they don’t believe me.”