The financial crisis at Helsingborg continues as the former Swedish Champion’s try to get their players to sign loyalty contracts.

With already eight players expected to leave the club in the summer, the club is desperate for the rest of their playing staff to stay, even though they would be entitled to leave as they will not be receiving bonuses in their contracts.

Captain Jesper Jansson admits he would not be surprised if players go.

“I understand if players want to leave,” he said.

“We have already accepted that we’ll receive no bonuses from now on, meaning we’ll lose out on €10,000 on average.”

The club, €4.5 million in debt, won the league in 1999 but failure to qualify for the Champions League has had a crippling effect on the club’s finances. They have recently borrowed another €1.5 million euros from the local government to cover costs.

They are also due to present a survival package to the Swedish FA today to convince them they are worthy of a top flight licence. If they are unable to comply, the club face relegation from the top division.