Erick Thohir buys Inter

Inter president Massimo Moratti has confirmed that he has reached an agreement to sell the club to Indonesian businessman Erick Thohir.

Talks over a possible takeover deal have been ongoing for several months as Moratti looked to relinquish his majority shareholding.

Moratti has revealed that terms of the takeover deal have been agreed, with him selling 70 per cent of the club for €350 million.

“Everything has been signed, in a few hours there will be a press release,” said Moratti.

“Satisfied? Yes, this has taken a long time, but eventually we have got there, everything seems to be in balance.

The decision as to whether Moratti remains as Inter president is believed to have been left up to the Italian himself.

“About the role of president, that does not have to be decided yet, but it will depend only on me,” “There is all the love, but also the relief of leaving the club to respectable people in terms of their character.

“Now I will try to adapt to a new rhythm.”

In the immediate wake of the takeover there has been talk of Inter emulating the likes of big-spending Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City. Although, it should be remembered, that Moratti himself was no slouch in the transfer market. The solitary Champions League success achieved during his 18-year tenure was achieved as at cost of €600 million – and Moratti sells his stake with the club currently €300 million in debt. Thohir will have to go some to matching that kind of profligacy.