The Italian Football League is considering a radical plan to restructure Serie A.

The league discussed possible ways of combating the financial problems affecting the game in Italy and among the proposals was a restructuring of the league format resulting in two divisions comprising 20 teams each

The season would reach a climax with the winner of each league playing off to decide the Scudetto.

League vice-president Antonio Matarrese said: “We have been discussing some projects today and we need to study them better before changing the current system. To divide Serie A in two large groups was the main proposal today. Every president finds this new project really interesting and we could change the format ahead of next season because football is in crisis and we have to do something about it.”

Adriano Galliani, the vice-president of Milan and League president, said: “There are two or three options for changing the current formula of Serie A.

‘We will discuss them in the next meeting at the Lega Calcio. I can just say that we will try to vote for any possible changes to the current system as soon as possible.”

The proposals will be discussed again at the next League meeting on 14 February.

There are 18 Serie A clubs and 20 in Serie B, so introducing a new structure of 40 teams would involve bringing in two extra teams from Serie C.