Juventus plan to halve the capacity of their Delle Alpi stadium as part of a redevelopment of their unloved ground.

The stadium, which was built for the 1990 World Cup has never been popular with supporters, mainly because the pitch is separated from the stands by an athletic track. However, under new plans, the track would be removed, the capacity halved and the new stands would be moved much closer to the pitch.

Juventus chief executive officer Antonio Giruado said the club expected to sign an agreement with the Turin city council next month which would allow redevelopment to commence.

“From the outside it will be as it is today which is an architectural wonder,” Giruado said.

“The outside is the best thing about the current Delle Alpi. Inside however we will produce a stadium for 35,000.”

The atmosphere within the ground has been much criticised with large areas of empty seating at the 70,000 capacity stadium, a common sight.

“The fans will feel as though they are on the pitch. There will be ten metres between the supporters and the players, which means the fans will be closer than they are at the San Siro,” Giruado added.