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Juventus have have lodged an appeal with a civil court in an attempt to overturn their relegation to Serie B.

The disgraced club have made the move after their original complaint was rejected by the Italian Olympic Committee’s arbitration court.

Juve were demoted for their role in Italy’s match-fixing scandal and were docked 17 points.

A Regional Administrative Court in Lazio will hear the case on 6 September, and the club also said they were considering the possibility of an appeal to Italian Olympic Committee’s court of arbitration.

If Juve appeal successfully, there could be further delay to the start of the season which has already been held up by two weeks. The fixture list for the new season is due to be published on August 30 with the season expected to kick off on September 10.

“Relegation will, above all, gravely damage the identity of Juventus,” the club’s statement said.

“In over a century of existence, Juve have contributed to writing the history of Italian football with a tradition of excellence which is alive as demonstrated by the nine Juventus players who took part in the recent World Cup final.”

They finished the 2005/06 campaign as “champions” but were stripped of that title and also the 2004-05 scudetto after being found guilty in the match-fising trial.

Lazio and Fiorentina were also initially relegated before being re-instated to Serie A with points deductions of 19 and 11 respectively, while Milan begin the new campaign in the top flight with an eight-point penalty. Reggina, meanwhile, have since been implicated and docked 15 points for the forthcoming season.

“The santions imposed on Juventus are disproportionate,” added the statement.

“It’s incomprehensible that Juventus should be treated with the most severity.”

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