Slovenia coach Srecko Katanec denies anywrongdoing during this mornining’s match against South Africa, which saw him sent to the stands for allegedly insulting the referee.

“I was sent off in the 1990 World Cup and if that is my destiny, to get a red card at every World Cup, than so it,” said the former Yugoslavia player.

“But it’s the duty of the coach to say things in certain situations. I mean, what is this, ballet dancing?

“It’s easy to send off a young coach, but I think the fourth official will, if he is honest, say there was absolutely nothing from my side. I haven’t insulted him or anybody else.

“I haven’t said things like ‘fuck off’, which I’ve done in the past and more serious stuff, but didn’t get sent off. This time it was nothing. It was absurd, but OK, there you go.