Manchester City manager Kevin Keegan has confirmed his departure from club will go ahead when his contract with the club expires in 2006.

Keegan was speaking to end speculation that he is considering signing a new deal if City reach Europe.

Keegan said: “I will not be staying beyond my contract. People who really know me know that is what I will do.

“Whatever we do next season will not make any difference.”

Keegan’s side play Bolton in the Premiership tonight and Bolton boss Allardyce had suggested that Keegan should extend his stay at City.

But Keegan reacted angrily to the suggestion.

“Sam Allardyce doesn’t know me,” said Keegan. “I’ve never had a drink with him or spent 10 minutes of my time with him.

“I’m sure he meant it in a nice way but I would not try and predict what he’s going to do and I don’t think Sam should predict what I’m going to do.”