Republic of Ireland boss, Brian Kerr, is reportedly trying to lure Roy Keane out of international retirement.

Keane famously turned his back on international football during last summer’s World Cup, after a training ground bust-upwith the then Ireland manager, Mick McCarthy.

At the time Keane claimed he would never play for Ireland again while McCarthy was manager, but new manager Brian Kerr, who was apppointed last month as replacement for McCarthy, has made it obvious he wants Keane playing for him.

Matters have been made more complicated by Keane’s club boss, Sir Alex Ferguson, suggesting that Keane’s career would benefit from him not playing International football.

Ferguson explained: “People are assuming that he is just going to go straight back into international football.

“But the situation is more complicated than that. I think the medical staff who look after Roy may be the key people in him reaching a decision.

“People forget that Roy has just had a major operation at 31 years of age and has been out for four months.

“That is the crucial factor and I’ll tell him that.” he added.