Lazio and Valencia have held talks over the future of Gaizka Mendieta, but the clubs are still nocloser to an agreement on the future of the Spanish midfielder.

The midfielder is currently on loan at Barcelona, but his registration owned by the Italian club. However, they still owe a final œ8 million instalment to Valencia, as part of the deal that took the midfielder to Lazio in 2001

Lazio are understood to be keen to let Mendieta rejoin Valencia in exchange for not having to pay the outstanding £8 million, but according to Marca, the Spanish club are less keen on this arrangement. They would prefer the money in full or failing that, they want to own the transfer rights of Real Sociedad striker Darko Kovacevic, which are currently owned by Lazio.

“The encounter was positive, we have discussed the future situation,” a Lazio source told Marca.

“Both sides have expressed the intention to solve the problem and they will return to further look at the matter in a few weeks.”