Bosses at Lazio are confident that Dejan Stankovic will sign a new contract at the club.

Stankovic, 24, has one year on his contract and it was thought that he may have to be sacrificed in the summer as the club attempts to sort out its finances.

However, Sporting Director Oreste Cinquini said: ‘The club are taking steps to reach an agreement with Stankovic over a new contract. Dejan has repeated on many occasions that he wants to stay at the club and become a leader for this side.”

Stankovic has always been adamant that he wants to remain in Rome. In January this year, he he said:”If things start to improve off the field then I think there is a very good chance that I will remain. We have a compact squad at this club and I’m honoured to be a partof that.

“Rome, after Belgrade, is my second home and I don’t really want to leave here. And I’ve never dreamed of wearing another team’s shirt.”