Europe’s top clubs have been informed that they will receive less money next season from the Champions Leagueset to plummet.

European football governing body UEFA announced that revenue from television money would fall by œ110m next year. The Champions League television rights, currently worth œ480m-a-year, are expected to drop to œ375m.

UEFA chief executive Gerhard Aigner said: “We have had a kind of golden phase which is going now and we have to accept some normalisation.

“The income from the Champions League is going to diminish because of market developments, but also because we have changed the format to have a smaller competition than in the past.

“Obviously everyone will have to get a smaller share: UEFA, the clubs and the national associations.”

The final figure is not yet known as some countries have yet to conclude their TV deals. But Arsenal and Football Association vice-chairman David Dein is resigned to the prospect of less money.

“We will just have to grin and bear it,” he said.

“UEFA still have to complete deals with other major markets including Italy, so we cannot be sure of the exact figures yet – and the value of the new contract in England has actually increased.”