The English FA ahave announced that any fan who invades the pitch at an England game will be banned for life.

The Football Association have pictures of around 80 supporters from CCTV and video footage of England’s recent match against Turkey and those identified will be banned for life from England internationals and FA Cup matches.

England face disciplinary action by UEFA later today over the pitch invasions and racist abuse during the game.

FA marketing and communications director Paul Barber said: “The minority of people that cause us problems has now become too large a minority.

“We are going to work with thepolice and call on the courts to impose punishments as severe as they can be for any of those people convicted of football-related offences.

“We will certainly impose our own life bans on anyone that comes on to the pitch during an England game. They will not get tickets for England games in the future and I mean that for life.”

“We will look over the next several weeks at how we can change the demographics of the people who follow England, particularly abroad,” Barber added.

“We all know there is a very large percentage of young white males that follow usabroad.

“For the most part, they are peace-loving football supporters who want to enjoy the game but there is a minority – andit is too many – that seem to want to cause problems.”