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Liverpool’s managing director says a “small number of potentially interested parties” are still looking into buying the Premier League club but have yet to make a firm offer.

Christian Purslow also says that any attempts by current owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr. to refinance Liverpool’s debts are likely to be vetoed by the board.

Liverpool were put up for sale in April and faces an October deadline to repay its debt, which has grown from £237 million in April to about £280 million.

“The process remains underway and there are a small number of potentially interested parties working seriously and privately – doing what is called due diligence – looking at the business in detail from a financial and legal standpoint,” Purslow told the club’s official website.

“My hope is that one of those parties steps forward with a proposal to buy the club which is attractive to the board and which would be good for the club.

“I must say that the single most important aspect of the possible sale of the club – and I consider it the most important thing I will ever do in my business career – is to make sure that if we’re going to sell the club we get the sale right. The only thing worse than no sale is the wrong sale.

“Do I know whether any of those parties are going to get over the finishing line? No. Can I make someone write a cheque? No.

“My job is to present the club to possible investors in the best possible light because I passionately believe it’s a fantastic opportunity for investment and new ownership.”

Purslow also dismissed fears that, if there is no sale in the near future, Liverpool could go bust.

He added: “Liverpool Football Club is a very healthy business. We have cash, we are solvent, we have banking facilities which last beyond the end of next season and we are heavily scrutinised by the Premier League.

“To achieve our Uefa license we went through that process and they were very happy with what they saw – so I cannot conceive of a situation where Liverpool Football Club could go into administration.

“Liverpool Football Club is not going bust. We have an extremely healthy business with record revenues and we are highly profitable.”

It’s a big week of Carling Cup action and have got every match covered along with the best outright tournament odds.

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