Former Brazil coach Vanderley Luxemburgo has walked out on Palmeiras to join rivals Cruzeiro just days after the start of the Brazilian championship.

Luxemburgo, who was sacked as coach of the Brazilian national side after a disappointing campaign at the Sydney Olympics, amid allegations that he received commissions on players he bought and sold. Luxemburgo denied the allegations.

‘I’m not going for financial reasons but because they offered me the opportunity to co-ordinate all the junior teams,’ said the controversial coach. ‘It’s something I always wanted to do but couldn’t at Palmeiras.’

Luxemburgo, who had been at Palmeiras since the start of the year after being fired by Corinthians, remained unrepentant when quizzed about his decision to quit Palmeiras.

‘I received a good offer, I thought about it and I couldn’t turn it down,’ he added. ‘Life goes on.’