Marseille have appealed to their fans to keepp callm ahead of Sunday’s potentially volatile clash with Paris St Germain.

Marseille have been beaten twice by their arch-rivals, with both encounters marred by violent clashes between supporters.

“We’re currently second in Ligue 1 and in the League Cup semi-finals, that’s why I call on the whole of the public to keep calm,” Guy Cazadamont, Marseille’s security chief said.

Fences have been installed to avoid any contact between rivalfans.

Tensions between the teams have been further heightened after PSG coach Luis Fernandez cavorted on the pitch following PSG’S French Cup victory over Marseille last month

However, a diplomatic Marseille coach Alain Perrin insisted there were no feelings of resentment against Fernandez.

“My opinion of Luis did not change after the Cup game. Luis is someone I’m very fond of.

“Everybody knows his qualities and his faults. I only hope he won’t have a chance to be dancing on Sunday night,” Perrin said.