Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has revealed that he received a death threat on the eve of last season’s Champions final.

In his soon-to-be published-autobiography, Mourinho admits that he hired security to protect himself and his family in the aftermath of the final between his former side Porto and Monaco in Gelsenkirchen.

“On the other end of the line, there quickly came a death threat linked to my arrival back in Porto,” Mourinho said.

“‘You think you’re the best … you bastard … we won’t do anything now because you have a final to play tomorrow, but as soon as it’s over, consider yourself a dead man, because we’ll get you, and as soon as you get back to Porto your fate is sealed. You don’t have a chance…'”

Mourinho said the caller was a member of Porto’s underworld.

Immediately after seeing his team prevail 3-0 over Monaco, Mourinho made plans to leave the club.

“So did my escape to safety – or so I thought at the time, without knowing what was to come in the days that followed.

“First I was subjected to a campaign of rumour and slander.

“Then I was hounded and had people waiting at the entrance to my home, threatening both my loved ones and me. For the first time in my life, I was forced to hire private security.

“They were dramatic and unforgettable weeks of terror.”