Japan midfielder Hidetoshi Nakata could well have jeoopardised his future at Parma, after launching ann attack on the club’s coach Claudio Prandelli.

The 26-year-old is increasingly frustrated at being played out of position by Prandelli.

‘What is the point in carrying on in this position? I want to play in a central position, where I cando a better job for the team,’ Nakata told his website.

‘If the team win all their games with me on the right, then fine. But you do wonder what the sense is in being stuck in a position where my role is so limited.’

‘Even if I spend more time on the bench, it would be better for Parma if I play in the middle.’

Prandelli has responded by threatening to leave Nakata out of his line-up altogether.

‘If Nakata has a problem with that position, I will use someone more willing,’ said Prandelli, whose side are currently sixth in the Italian Serie A.