A new post-mortem suggests that the Cameroonian footballer Albert Ebossé was stabbed and beaten to death in the changing rooms after a match in Algeria and not, as initially thought, killed by an object thrown by fans.

A Cameroonian pathologist believes that the 24-year-old was killed as the result of “brutal aggression” amid “signs of a struggle” in the changing room after the game in August following the match between Ebossé’s JS Kabylie and USM Alger.

The official report stated Ebossé had “succumbed to a head injury after being hit in the head at the end of the meeting with USM Alger”, which the home side lost 2-1.

The incident led to JS Kabylie club being banned from African competitions for two years, and forced to play home league matches behind closed doors.

However, Moune’s report said Ebossé had suffered upper body injuries and received “a blow to the head” that caused “an indentation of the skull” after the game on 23 August. He also said that there was evidence of a “rupture of his cervical vertebrae” and a collarbone wound “that we believe must have been caused by a knife”.

Ebosse’s family said they had asked Cameroonian authorities and the Confederation of African Football to take action following the new evidence.

They also claimed neither JS Kabylie nor the Algerian league had honoured the promises made after his death to provide financial compensation to the family for their loss.