Gerard Houllier, who has presided over Liverpool’s worst run for 50 years, has confirmed that the club will not be strengthening their squad when the transfer window opens in January.

Liverpool have failed towin any of their previous nine Premiership games, but boss Houllier remains happy with the players at his disposal.

‘I have no intention of signing anybody,’ he admitted.

‘I think we have a squad capable of achieving and, unless an opportunity comes out of the blue, there will be no new signings.’

‘If anyone comes up to me and says they are unhappy and want to leave, the door will be wide open,” he added.

‘But so far nobody has knocked on my door. Not many people like to leave Liverpool because it’s a good club.

‘I have full belief in the players and even though we have been going through a period of progress every year we knew, at some stage, there would be a plateau.

‘But I am very pleased with the players’ attitude to the difficult period we are encountering. At times like this you need to count on your men and some of them have been outstanding.’

Further bad news for Houllier comes with an injury to Michael Owen. The striker tweaked a hamstring during Sunday’s draw with Arsenal and will miss the New Year’s Day match against Newcastle.