Phillip Don, chief of the Premier League referees committee, believes FIFA will not introduce video evidence to resolve controversial decisions, unless a a foolproof system has been devised.

The topic is back on the agenda after an incident in yesterday’s FA Cup 5th round tie between Crystal Palace and Leeds, in which the referee Dermot Gallagher ignored claims for a Palace goal, despite television footage showing the ball had clearly crossed the line.

“You would have to have the same system in every single ground and it would have to be 100% fool proof,’ stated Don.

“That is where the research and development is taking place, to design a system that would assist.

“I’ve spoken about this for about the last three years, and it is one of the few occasions where technology can be used because it is not an opinion, it is a factual decision.

“The problem is that FIFA have said you can’t use cameras because you will always have a situation where you wouldn’t be 100% certain, for instance if you have got two or three bodies on the line, whether the ball has crossed the line.

“No camera, wherever it is in that goal, would be able to detect that.”