Alex Nyarko has decided to walk out on Paris Saint-Germain after the club refused to give assurances about his future.

Although contracted to Everton, Nyarko has spent the season on loan in Paris, but the Ghanaian confirmed that he would not be returning to England, but may seek a new start in the United Arab Emirates

The midfielder left Everton after being confronted on the pitch by an irate supporter. He has spent the season on loan with PSG but is disappointed that the club will not take up their option to sign him permanently.

“With PSG, it is over,” he stated.

“I took the decision because I didn’t trust that club anymore.

“I don’t feel very well at the moment, and it is tiring for me to hear the officials say they will do something formy future, then to understand they won’t do anything.

“I understand they will not do anything, and I am fed up with changing my club every year.

“I have been in Europe for nine years and, today, I am tired.

“I want to see my family close to me and my children have a normal schooling.”

“Until June, I will not be paid, neither by PSG nor by Everton,” he added.

“It will be difficult because I have money troubles. I am living a difficult period, like in every life.

“If I find a club that will hire me until June, even far away, for example in the Emirates, I will leave straight away,” he told L’Equipe.

“Then, I have the hopeto stay several years, with my family.”