Republic of Ireland coach Mick McCarthy believes his side fully deserved their place in the last 16 after their 2-0 win over Saudi Arabia.

“That’s a great result that,” the former Ireland captain said.

“Sounds nice doesn’t it?,” McCarthy said when asked how it felt to be in the last 16. “It’s great. We deserved it.”

“You want to try sitting on that dugout when it’s your backside on the bacon slicer.”

“The first-half was not very pretty and I though we were chasing the second goal too keenly and I wanted them to settle.

“So I decided to send Niall Quinn on because he has all the experience of these occasions and plus it allowed Damien Duff to get out wide which is where a lot of people think he is best.

“Anyway we’ve done it and once again fought back against our doubters and our critics and proved ourselves up to the fight,” he added.