German referee Robert Hoyzer, who has admitted match-fixing, has revealed that he is aware of fellow offficials who have been involved in match-fixing.

Hoyzer is now cooperating with prosecutors after admitting he fixed seven matches last year.

“I experienced a lot first-hand but also heard a lot from the key people involved,” Hoyzer told Kicker Magazine.

“I would really like to be able to say: ‘It was just me and now you can get back to normal with your whole caboodle’,” he added.

Hoyzer admitted fixing several matches from the German Cup and second division.

He told the magazine he was upset to hear that the children of a former colleague he has implicated were being victimised at school.

“It hurts when I hear that children are being spat upon,” said Hoyzer.

“But I will nevertheless continue giving prosecutors and my lawyers all the information that I have.”

“I have never bet on any of my own matches and never bet on matches that I had information on them being influenced,” said Hoyzer,.

“I received the money from third parties and that was linked to a specific assignment.

“I’m feeling a bit better now,” he added.

“I told myself ‘Let it all out now, tell it like it is’. The weight was off my shoulders after that. But a lot of things collapsed that will never again be repairable.”