Roberto Martinez mocks Andre Villas-Boas

Everton boss Roberto Martinez is one of the more eloquent Premier League managers and the Spaniard displayed a modicum of wit when he was asked whether his striker, Romelu Lukaku, should have apologised to Spurs’ keeper, Hugo Loris, after the pair collided during Sunday’s goalless stalemate.

Tottenham manager Andre Villas Boas suggested that Lukaku had been at fault for the clash, and was disappointed the Everton man had not been in touch with the goalkeeper.

“I want to believe that Lukaku’s leg was not left late to clash into Hugo’s head,” said Villas-Boas. “I find it remarkable that nobody has actually found out if he could have avoided the goalkeeper and I am disappointed that Lukaku hasn’t contacted Hugo.

“I don’t question Lukaku’s integrity,” he added, before going on to question Lukaku’s integrity. “But I think he could have jumped over perfectly.”

Martinez responded by drawing attention to Tottenham striker Roberto Soldado, who threw an elbow into the chest of Jagielka and was perhaps fortunate not to be shown a red card.

“Obviously we are waiting for Roberto Soldado to apologise to Phil Jagielka, and so we can use the same phone call so we don’t have to spend on two phone calls,” joked Martinez.

“The good thing is you can watch the replay and see the video evidence. All Romelu is doing is carrying on his run, he cannot disappear. It is unfortunate.”

Here’s the Soldado elbow.

And here’s the collision between Lukaku and the unfortunate Lloris.