Quote of the day

”We can’t expect anything from FIFA, where we have a blackmailer called Valcke and a corrupt thief and son of a bitch called Blatter.”

Brazil football legend doesn’t mince his words while discussing FIFA president Sepp Blatter and general secretary, Jerome Valcke. 

His latest attack came after Valcke described Romario as ”the worst person in the world,” and calling the 1994 World Cup winner “anti-FIFA, anti-Jerome Valcke, anti-everything.”

Romario responded to the secretary-general during a congressional hearing held by Brazil’s Tourism and Sports Commission.

”Brazilian authorities shouldn’t trust [Valcke] when signing any deal related to the World Cup,” Romario wrote on his official website. “It is with lack of trust that I see his presence in Brazil, negotiating with the money of the Brazilian people.

“Rest assured that I’ll always keep an eye on what is being spent on the World Cup with public funds. I wouldn’t trust [Valcke] if I had to give him 10 reals to buy me bread and milk.

In a world where politicians and dignitaries defer and genuflect to the likes of Blatter, it is refreshing to see someone in the public eye, unconcerned by the need to court favour, speaking their mind.

“We have spent an absurd amount for the World Cup and going forward it will get even worse. Brazil has a lot of thieves, that’s the truth,” he continued.

“I have spoken and I will repeat here. Now we have to cheer for Brazil to win on the field because it would be perfect for football but off the pitch we’ve already lost and there is no way to reverse it.”

Younger readers may not not be familiar with Romario, the player. In a career spanning 23 years he claimed to have scored more than 1000 goals, although his official tally stands  at 929. Composed, alert, a fabulous improviser, he was was one football’s deadliest  finishers.

Here are some of his memorable moments.