Real Madrid striker Ronaldo says he would be delighted if the club continued to sign forwards, provided they did not jeopardise his own place in the starting line-up.

“There’s been talk about Adriano and Robinho coming here. In the end we’ll have all the best forwards in the world at this club,” the Brazilian international told a news conference on Thursday.

“I’m sure we’d score stacks of goals, it would be incredible. If we had Raul, Adriano, Owen and so on then that would be a major headache for the coach. Every game would end up 8-7 or 7-7.

“I’d love them all to come here, as long as they didn’t steal my place,” he added with a smile.

Real have been linked with Santos forward Robinho Inter striker Adriano in recent weeks.

“I can’t really give an opinion because I don’t know the truth of what’s happening,” said Ronaldo.

“Adriano is a friend and a great player. It’s the same old story, though. If a player wants to leave a club, he’ll leave, especially if there is a big club interested in him.”

Ronaldo admitted that he had been upset about being substituted in recent games.

“There are no untouchables here, but it always seems to be me that gets subbed. Of course, I’m not happy when it happens, no player is.”

The Brazilian paid tribute to fellow striker Michael Owen, who has been Real’s most consistent scorer this season, despite spending much of the campaign on the bench.

“He’s got a fantastic record and always scores when he comes on,” said Ronaldo.

“He moves well, loses defenders and everyone can see what a great player he is.”