Ronaldo has urged Everton’s precocious young striker Wayne Rooney not to let his success go to his head.

The 17-year-old, who earlier this season became the youngest player to represent England, has been compared to Ronaldo and the Brazilian has offered Rooney some tips on coping with the demands of a life spent in the spotlight.

‘Wayne Rooney will have no choice but to live with the pressure that comes with being a young star, but he has to do his best to forget about all that and enjoy everything about his life and his football,” said Ronaldo.

‘A football career can fly by very quickly, so my advice to Rooney is to try to have as much fun as possible by playing wonderful football and winning great titles.

‘There is no reason why he can’t start winning trophies now.

‘From what I have seen so far, this boy has a big future – but everybody around him must do their best to take good care of him when he is away from the pitch.

‘If this happens he won’t have to lose his objectives, which must all be about playing football.

‘I’ve been in Rooney’s position so I would like to help him.

‘The most important advice I can give, is to tell him to stay balanced mentally – because he must not allow himself to become crazy at his own success. That’s why so many special talents have disappeared.’