Borussia Dortmund boss Matthias Sammer was left seething by a defensive lapse which allowed Real Madrid to secure a draw in the closing seconds of last night’s Champions League match.

“We had no reason to go forward so I am furious.”

“Marcio Amoroso was in possession and decided to dribble and lost the ball,” Sammer said. “That can happen. What I can’t understand is why Billy (Reina) charged forward. Marcio was in no need of any assistance. He could cope with the situation on his own. I am sure the goal wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been forced to takeDede off just before the end.”

“At this level every mistake is punished,” Sammer said.

“We saw that here today and we have still got a lot to learn. We shall not give up hope and try to get the points we need to go through from our last two matches against Milan and Moscow. I must, however, admit that Real are in the driving seat now.”

Sammer’s counterpart at Madrid, Vicente del Bosque, is not taking anything for granted.

“The draw here today has improved our situation slightly, but we still have two games left to play,” he said.

“Nothing has been decided and we have our work cut out if we want to reach the quarter-finals.”

“We played really well after the break and created a lot of chances,” he said.

“If you take a close look at the game I think you will have to agree we should have won because we had the better chances.”

“Portillo (last night’s goalscorer) is a very talented player and he took the goal well when the chance came,”ÿDelÿBosqueÿsaid.

“He’s still at the start of his career, but I’m sure Real Madrid will get a lot of pleasure out of him in the future.” Not to mention the present.