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Schalke have received a much-needed financial boost after the city of Gelsenkirchen agreed to a €25.5 million investment in the club through its own energy service provider GEW.

The deal was agreed at a meeting of city councillors in the city hall on Thursday evening.

When the deal was first mooted several weeks ago, Schalke’s chairman Clemens Tonnies said the funds would be sufficient to see the club through to the end of the season.

Background to Schalke’s financial problems

The windfall should also alleviate the possible need for the sale of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer – to the relief of defender Marcelo Bordon.

Bordon was quoted as saying that it would be financially sensible if Neuer were sold this winter, but he insists he was talking from a purely financial perspective.

“I didn’t say or mean that I am personally in favour of selling our goalkeeper, which is how it has been understood,” he said on his club’s website.

“Quite the opposite: If there is anything I would like on this issue, then it is to play together with Manu here at Schalke for as many years as possible.”

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