FIFA has confirmed that the 2014 World Cup finals will be staged in South America.

“The naming of this confederation (South America) which has not organised a World Cup since 1978 (Argentina) and which has won this event nine times is logical,” said FIFA president Joseph Blatter.

Blatter denied that the economic problems affecting someSouth Aemrican countries, notably Argentina, would present problems when it came to choosing a suitable country to host the finals.

Blatter added: “I wouldn’t say all of South America has been economically depressed because some have had some wonderful economies.

“Chile and Brazil are in a good state, and Venezuela and Colombia if they didn’t have other problems are very rich countries.

“Who can predict the economy of tomorrow? But the World Cup is not dependent on the economic strength of the country where it’s played, its strengths are the quality of the game and quality of the competition.”

Germany is hosting the 2006 World Cup with the 2010 event destined for Africa as FIFA implements it’s policy of rotating the finals between the federations.