UEFA has reioterated its opposition to FIFA’s Club World Championship, warning that European clubs may boycott the event in future.

UEFA president Lennart Johansson, claimed the competition was unwanted and would merely exacerbate the problems of fixture congestion within the football calendar.

“It is not for FIFA to arrange club competitions … it is an issue whether clubs from Europe will be prepared to take part in this,” he told a news conference.

The tournament, staged once so far in Brazil in 2000, is due to be held again in 2005 after the 2001 tournament was cancelled due to financial problems.

“We’re not happy with the World Club Championship,’ Johansson added.

‘Europe and the clubs are against it.

“The absolute majority of clubs think that it’s not logical that on the one hand UEFA is diminishing the number of match days and then on the other side FIFA arranges such events,” Johansson added.

UEFA have cut back on the number of Champions League fixtures from next season, as it strives to reduce the fixture burden on players.

Johansson also spoke out against a G-14-backed rival to the Champions League rival, claiming it would be of little or no interest to Europe’s leading clubs.

“I see no reason to take any action as there is no interest from the clubs,” he said.