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England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson defended his management style, insisting he knows exactly what it will take to win the World Cup.

Eriksson’s side has come in for criticism after four udnerwhelmimng displays that have taken the team to the last eight.

“I am prepared to do what it takes to win, even play badly,” said Eriksson.

“And don’t tell me I don’t know what to do. I know exactly what to do.”

England face Portugal on Saturday with a semi-final against Brazil or France at stake.

But despite some disappointing displays at the group stages and in the 1-0 win over Ecuador in the secound round, Eriksson has defended his tactics and strategy.

“You have always doubted me, so there is nothing new about that,” he added. “I have a clear vision, we all have, together with the coaches.

“If it is right or wrong is another thing, but it is clear what we do every minute we are together. I know exactly what to do.”

And he remains confident that England will produce their best when it matters.

“I don’t think we have shown everything so far,” he said. “but if that means we play bad football all the way then who cares?

“You try to play good football, but the most important thing is to win.

“If you see Ghana, Ivory Coast, Holland and Spain, they played wonderful football. But where are they now? They are at home.

“We can play better football and I am sure we are going to play better football. I have been confident about the World Cup for a long time. This team can do it.”

Eriksson has also been criticised for switching between a 4-4-2 and 4-5-1 formation in the tournament so far.

Owen Hargreaves, who acted as the holding midfield player agausnt Sweden, was switched to right-back for the win over Ecuador, with the previously unused Michael Carrick coming into the holding role against Sweden.

“If we have only one system, you will ask me where is plan B?,”responded Eriksson.

“We can use one or two systems – we have two at least. Then if we have two systems you will ask me where is plan C? What do you want me to answer?

“Owen can play at right-back and do it very well and the reason we put Carrick on for that game is that Ecuador had two central midfielders not three – they didn’t have a playmaker like Luis Figo or Deco.

“I am not frustrated. I am very happy to be in the position we are.

“We are in the quarter-final and we have a chance to play in the semi-final. I will do everything to do that.

“To play in the semi-final and then the final would be a dream.”

World Cup Odds – Don’t look at odds from one bookmaker, compare the latest odds from 23 on one page – Click here now.