Vladislav Vaschuk, former captain at Kyiv Dynamo, has countered claims by the Ukranian club that he signed a five-year deal with Russian side Spartak Moscow while still under contact at Dynamo.

He alleges that his former club have forged his contract details in order to persuade the Football Federation of Ukraine and Professional Football League to impose a lengthy ban on him and prevent his move to Russia.

Kyiv say they have documents proving Vaschuk is in fact legally bound to them until 2004, while the player insists his contract expired on 31st December 2002.

Vaschuk has recruited lawyers to help him fight the club and Ukranian prosecutors are now investigating his claims.

Ihor Surkis, the president of Kyiv denied suggestions that the contract is false but at the same time distanced himself from the row.

“Our employees have already been interrogated, and I am sure the check will show that the contract is genuine,’ said Surkis. ‘I am sure my employees would not cheat me.”

Vaschuk has linked up with the Moscow side and is now in Turkey training with them. The PFL have said Vaschuk will face a six-month ban if the contract is proved to be genuine.