German coach Rudi Voller could barely conceal his frustration after watching his side concede a last minute equalliser to the Republic of Ireland.

‘The anger and disappointment is huge,” he admitted.

“We were so close to reaching the last 16 of the World Cup. But when you’re leading 1-0 and you concede a goal, everything collapses in a moment.”

“We didn’t do enough in attack and our few chances on the break were wasted. Carsten Jancker came close, he did everything right, but he was unfortunate. I believe a second goal would have decided the match in our favour.

“I am also not satisfied with our wing play, which worked so well against Saudi Arabia.

“On the right, Torsten Frings improved in the second half and looked dangerous on a couple of occasions, but on the left we showed very little,” he said.

“It was always a tight match, always on the edge, and in the end they threw on their big lad and things gottoo hectic for us. One or two of our players might have been tired, but that’s no excuse.

“The team gave everything and they’re exhausted, but we have nothing to fear against Cameroon. We’ll get three points,” he vowed.