Football Association of Wales member and former secretary Alun Evans has described the rejection of Wales’ appeal against Russia as ‘inaccurate and immoral.’

“There’s no question that the Russians cheated and that UEFA’s hearing was a PR exercise,” said Evans.

UEFA decided that Russia’s Euro 2004 play-off win against Wales will stand despite Igor Titov’s playing in the the second leg despite failing a drugs test in the first leg.

The FAW have until midnight on Friday to decide whether to appeal against the decision.

Evans believes Wales should pursue the issue and if necessary, take the case to a European court of sports arbitration.

“I hope we don’t give up now,” Evans told BBC Radio Wales’ Midweek Sport programme.

“Common sense hasn’t prevailed, immorality has prevailed.

“The statement made by UEFA and the grounds given are not even accurate, they haven’t deigned to give us a proper hearing.”