Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has come into conflict with the French Football Federation after launching a scathing attack on the Confederations Cup.

Wengerwarned that this year’s tournament, being hosted by France at the end of the current season, was a competition too far for exhausted players.

‘In England we resume training for the Premier League on July 5,’ He told France Football magazine. ‘It means players won’t have any time to recuperate. They will have just completed a league without a winter break.

‘The previous season, we had the World Cup and the next they will have the European championship, without any holidays in themeantime.

‘How can we imagine that players can survive in such conditions?’

Meanwhile, French soccer federation (FFF) president Claude Simonet, has dimissed Wenger’s comments.

‘I can’t see why Arsene Wenger should criticise a competition entered in the calendar and I suggest he looks after his players, Arsenal or England,’ he said.

‘As for me, I’m only taking into account the interests of France,’ he added.

FIFA chief Sepp Blatter, aware of the criticism, has admitted that the Cup will be held every four years, instead of the current two.

‘We are thinking of reducing its frequency by scheduling itevery four years in the year before the World Cup,’ he said.

‘It would be a way to test the organisation of our showcase event,’ he added.