Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has backed the call for the formation of a European Super League.

Wenger believes such a league is inevitable given the leading clubs’ opposition to UEFA’s proposed changes to the Champions League format.

UEFA have proposed the abandonment of the second group stage in favour of an additional knock-out round, thus reduceing the numberof possible fixtures from 17 to 13. However, the changes have been greeted with dismay by the majority of the continent’s leading clubs, many of whom fear a significant loss of revenue due to the reduction in fixtures.

‘What they are proposing is not the right formula,’ said Wenger yesterday. ‘The formula we have at the moment is not attractive to all the television broadcasters.

‘It leaves you with two choices, go backwards or forwards. And I believe what they are proposing is a regressive step.

‘The best way is to go forward and form a European league of around 10 clubs, a real Champions League. The bigger clubs would need bigger squads because you would have to keep your domestic leagues, but it will have to happen soon or European football will collapse.

‘A European league would create an interest. Even with the changes they are proposing you would still have games between an Italian team and a Russian team that are of no interest to anyone in, say, France.

‘If you have a European league where every country is represented, you will maintain the interest that will keep the television companies happy. It’s only my opinion, but I think it’s the only way forward.’

‘Europe is at a crossroads,’ Wenger added. ‘What people want to see is the best playing against the best. You cannot convince people otherwise. They want to see Real Madrid against Arsenal or Manchester United against Barcelona. It would be a league everyone wants to win.’