The Japan Football Association (JFA) has apppointed Edu, the elder brother of Japan coach Zico, as the new technical advisor to the national team.

Edu, a former coach of Iraq and J-League club Kashima Antlers, will also become the chief scout for the (JFA).

‘This is a new start for Japan. The JFA will give this family team its full and absolute support,’said JFA general secretary Takeo Hirata.

Zico, whoreplaced Frenchman Philippe Troussier after the World Cup, dnied Edu’s appointment had anything to do with nepotism.

‘The only reason he is here is because of hisvast experience coaching overseas. He took Iraq to the 1986 World Cup and has a proven track record,’ said the former Brazil great.

‘He will watch games from up in the stands and relay information to me from there. His role will be more of an observer…checking up on opponents and the overall condition of the Japan team.’

‘If I wanted to keep things in the family that badly, I would have brought three more of the family over.’